January 11: Choices

Kairos is Wednesday, 7pm! Join us for a dinner that’ll fill your belly and a message from Justin Quincey, “Choices”, that’ll fill your heart and mind. Bring a friend!

Also, check out Chi Alpha Winter Retreat details- contact Pastor Mike for details- pastormike@jccag.org:

unnamed-1From Chi Alpha: “You can register on the link provided in the picture above or on the green link below. Our winter retreat will be filled with fellowship, games, worship, and motivational speaking. The $95 will cover our hotel stay and lunch for Saturday. Please make sure to bring extra money for food. Transportation is available if needed (may need to provide $5 in gas). Please contact us if you have any questions!”

Mason Chi Alpha is starting back up for the GMU Spring 2017 semester, Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30pm in the JC, Room 234!

Life Groups: PLUG IN and GROW!         

  • Sunday Life Group, 10:10am, Jubilee: Join us in January for the study and discussion of the book of Ephesians!
  • Fairfax Saturday Life Group: January 2017- TBA

Stay tuned through here or Facebook for spontaneous service projects, events, or updates!

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