January 22: Snowy Scripture Study!


Come out this Wednesday at 7:15pm! Come snow and tell us about your week (yes, that’s a snow joke attempt). But really, come out for meatloaf, rice, salad, and diving in to Luke 4:31-37! This is a powerful passage showcasing Christ’s authority. Hope to see you there!

As you watch the snow fall, or you’re outside shoveling and scraping forever, remember how our sins have been washed away and are as white as snow through Christ’s sacrifice (Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 51:7).

This past Saturday, we met at P Mike’s for a delicious Italian potluck and an awesome time of prayer for Kairos and each other. We have more upcoming events we’d love for you to join!

*Upcoming Events:
Sunday, February 2, 6pm: Superbowl Party at JCC
Monday, February 3, 7pm: Ladies’ Bible Study (location TBD)
Sunday, February 9, 1pm: Guys’ Lunch/ Bible Study
Sunday, February 9, 6pm: Valentine’s Soirée at JCC (fancy way of basically saying “free food” with a donation to missionaries 🙂 )
Sunday, February 16, 1pm: Kairos Monthly Lunch
Saturday, February 22: Father/Son Advance (Kairos will be assisting Chef Alex in making breakfast for the guys)

1 thought on “January 22: Snowy Scripture Study!

  1. Hey Fras, Is kairos meeting today?


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