October 30: Superhero Showcase!

October 30: Superhero Showcase!

5pm. Kairos. Superheroes. Bonfire. Snacks.

This Wednesday at 5pm, we’re meeting at Jubilee to begin decorating for our Trunk-or-Treat superhero van entry for the children! Bring any hi-tech or spy-like gear for the command center, and bring any lounge/ leisure items for the superhero lounge!

And yes, yes, this is a sneak peak of Pastor Mike as Tony Stark, Iron Man! Or is it Tony Stark as Pastor Mike?

Around 7:15pm after decorating, we’ll head over to the Shaffer’s by GMU to roast dogs (hotdogs), mallows, and eat other goodies. It’ll be a fun time with friends! If you can’t make it earlier, come to the Shaffer’s around 7:15: 4211 Linden Street, Fairfax.

THURSDAY: Come participate in the Trunk-or-Treat! Come at 5:30, so we’re ready to roll from 6-8pm. Be dressed as a superhero or agent/ analyst dressed in black!

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