October 23: Small Groups!

October 23: Small Groups!

This Wednesday. 7:15pm. Kairos!! After worship, we’ll break off and finish out the Octoberfest food theme by the marvelous Mama Fluke: sausage and sauerkraut (prepared and served separately), red oven roast potatoes, baked beans, and German strudel. Come one; come all!! After great German grub, we’ll play a fun, quick game, then break out into small groups to discuss the second half of Luke 2! Small groups are an awesome way to build and strengthen relationships, as well as figuring out what God wants us to know from His word, and how it applies to us now! We’ll also form more ideas and details concerning our superhero vehicle entry for the Trunk-or-Treat NEXT WEEK. See you there!!

Wonder-fall Events:

– Wednesday, October 30: Kairos Night- Decorate our “Trunk-or-Treat” vehicle entry, then have a bonfire with smashin’ s’mores at the Shaffer’s (4211 Linden Street, Fairfax, VA). TIMES TBA!

– Thursday, October 31: Trunk-or-Treat at Jubilee (we’ll enter a dec’d out car for it, and we’ll eat a Chipotle dinner beforehand)

* For the Trunk-or-Treat, we have decided upon a theme for decorating the Kairos vehicle: SUPERHEROES! I would say to keep this “hush-hush”, but this is the worldwide web; that means we gotta bring it!

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