October 16: Luke Two & Linus’ Debut


Come out this Wednesday at 7:15pm for Kairos! After worship, we’ll break off and eat the famous chef Alex’s prepared meal: arroz con pollo (that’s rice with chicken, but with extra kick, for you English-speaking folks!). Our very own Rebekah Shaffer will be bringing in Luke 2 for us. That’s right: it’s the birth of Christ; hence, Linus’ scripture quoting in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Rebekah always contributes thought-provoking ideas, with a side of quirkiness, so expect to have a great time! We’ll also form more ideas and details concerning our superhero vehicle entry for the Trunk-or-Treat. See you there!!

Unfortunately, the hayride was postponed to this past Monday. I’m certain those of us who were able to go had a blast! Although some people had to miss the hayride, there are still exciting events to look forward to listed below!

Wonder-Fall Events Reminders:

– Friday-Saturday, Oct. 18-19: Men’s Convention in Camp Hill, PA

– Wednesday, October 30: Kairos Night- Decorate our “Trunk-or-Treat” vehicle entry, then have a bonfire with smashin’ s’mores at the Shaffer’s  (4211 Linden Street, Fairfax, VA)

– Thursday, October 31: Trunk-or-Treat at Jubilee (we’ll enter a dec’d out car for it, and we’ll eat a Chipotle dinner beforehand)

* For the Trunk-or-Treat, we have decided upon a theme for decorating the Kairos vehicle: SUPERHEROES! I would say to keep this “hush-hush”, but this is the worldwide web; that means we gotta bring it!

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